Saturday, 26 December 2015

Let's dream of a Healthy New Year 2016

New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain. Though its hard to keep our enthusiasm high in later months, but not impossible to maintain. Only thing you need to remember is that you don’t need to be fit and healthy to start rather you have to start to be fit and healthy. You even don’t need  a new year for change your habbits, you only need the inspiration to keep going in a healthy way. So just make this 1st January an excuse to start afresh to be healthy and preach to taransform your surrounding to be a healthy world. HOW? Here it comes:

  •  Lose weight
  •  Cut your stress level
  • Exercise more
  • Meditate more
  • Volunteer to help others
  •  Desire less & give more
  •  Laugh most of the time
  •  Cut on alcohol intake
  •  Stay connected and be more social
  •  Get more sleep
  •  Travel to places you like
  •  Quit smoking
  •  Eat less ready to eat and processed foods
  •  Have more of fresh fruits & vegetables
  •  Add anti-oxidants to your daily diet like tomato, ripe papaya, green tea and so on
  •  Avoid consumption of saturated fats, trans fats, free sugars and table salt
  •  Make your diet more colourful
  •  Start using herbs in your dishes
  •  Drink more water
  •  Change your choices of marketing of groceries
  •  Enjoy life and be happy
  •  Detox yourselves from old unhealthy habits and change them into healthy ones

Thus the most important thing you need to follow is TALK LESS DO MORE. Wish you all a healthy and nutritious HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016. 
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