Sunday, 24 November 2013

A HEALTHY FOODIE.. Follow me..

“You are such a Foodie by God!”
Many people become sad or ashamed of such a statement. But I love when I am told the same. Being Foodie is not a crime. You should love food in any form. The food must be tasty and well garnished to look appetizing and tempting for the five senses of human being. You must know what to eat and when to eat and in which combination: so that after you have consumed the whole meal, you do not feel guilty for consuming huge amount of empty or unnecessary calories. You must know how to compensate on the high calorie meals so that you are able to maintain your body weight. You must love to eat food. Otherwise you will suffer from various deficiency problems in the long run.
Many people ask me looking at me “You are under strict Dieting I hope?” I reply them back with a big Smile,” First of all I hate the term Dieting. Because to common people dieting still means eating nothing or less eating. Secondly, I don’t control on my appetite or diet. I eat what I find appealing and tasty. I savour the taste of everything. But the only thing is that I eat with such a  combination that my body weight is always maintained. “

Every meal should be high in protein and fibre and low in carbohydrates. I concentrate on this. I also compensate the extra calories that I eat occasionally, through the following meals or on the next day. That help me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy body weight. Love your Food, Love eating whatever you find tasty and appetizing and love yourself. Be happy and stay healthy.