Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Surviving Night Shifts

A moderate part of our population work in shifts or in night shifts. It is quite difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working in night shifts. Some of the typical health issues faced by the people working in night shifts are as follows:
·         Irregular appetites
Weight gain or weight loss
·         Gastro intestinal disorders
·         Lack of sleep
·         Emotional distress
·         Lack of concentration

Some possible reasons for these might be :
·         Too much caffeine
·         High fat snacking
·         Infrequent eating during the day
·         Over eating during the night
·         Lack of exercise

Nutritional tips to survive night shifts:
·         Eat small frequent meals as opposed to large heavy meals .
·         Eat more protein & less carbohydrates during your shifts.
·         Avoid sugar and sweetened beverages.
·         Chose healthy snacking options like whole fruits, salads, whole wheat or oats crackers and cookies and yogurt
·         The diet must contain omega-3 fatty acids. This helps in keeping you alert and energetic.
·         Limit caffeine intake.
·         Finish cooking before your shift starts
·         Drink plenty of fluids.
·         Carry in between meals and snacks from house with you to avoid fast food and junk food.
·         Drink good amount of water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Night shifts are not easy. But night shifts should not make your lifestyle unhealthy. As there are excuses to depend on junk foods and fast foods, there are also excuses to remain healthy. Only the cloice being yours. What you choose is actually what matters the most. If you choose to be healthy no one on this earth can detrack you. Your determination, willpower and motif towards life has to be positive to remain healthy. Then only you can change the world into a healthy nutritious world to live in in near future. Keep smiling stay healthy.
~Dt. Deepalekha Banerjee